Painfully Shy African Kid Turns
Superhero Speaker & Author,
Giving Voice to Underdog Kids Everywhere.

Bolaji O is an Award-Winning Speaker,
a Bestselling Author
with 50 Superhero Books Under his Belt,
and a Producer of Superhero Animated Shorts.

But don’t be fooled.

This hero couldn’t always leap tall buildings in a single bound.

To learn how we got a shy, awkward kid from Africa
dared to dream of being the next Walt Disney,
let’s start at the beginning…

My Father Was a Storyteller.

He grew up a poor farm boy, in a tiny rural Nigerian town.

But he was a dreamer.  He wrote himself into a different story.

That different story had him getting scholarships to Secondary school,

moving to the big city, marrying his college sweetheart,

and earning his PhD.


My Mother was a Storyteller.

Childhood ailments taught my Mom quiet strength and determination. 

Then, her father’s early death plunged my Mom and her six siblings into poverty overnight. 

But she believed she was meant to do more.  She wrote herself into a different story.

That different story had her excelling at every academic level, marrying her college sweetheart,

earning her MD and PhD.


So they had me, and I lived happily ever after. Right?

Keep reading…

Diary of an Awkward Kid.

I grew up a painfully shy kid.

I couldn’t tell you why.  I couldn’t tell you how.

All I knew was that I felt different.

And I didn’t know why.

It was frustrating.

I knew one day I would change the world.

But the world wasn’t interested in listening to a shy kid.

I felt like I was stuck in the wrong story.

I felt like I was broken.

The Craziest Part?

It took me well into my twenties, to realize

I wasn’t stuck in the wrong story.

I was exactly who I needed to be.

I was still that same shy kid.

But I got more comfortable in my own skin.


Once That Happened, I Took Control of Writing My Story.

Performed in the 1996 Olympics Opening Ceremonies…

Performed in an MTV Music Video…

Married my College Sweetheart.

Applied to Work At Pixar. 12 Times.

(Rejected 12 Times.)

Produced My First Animated Short in Response.

Wrote 50+ Superhero Books for Kids in Response.

Reached Over 100,000 Book Readers.

Now, I Help Underdog Kids Write a Different Story.

I Help Underdog Kids Discover their Inner Awesome.

I Realized that My Struggle is now My Strength.

And I Help Other Kids Do the Same.

If You’ve Ever Been Put Down, Knocked Down, or Counted Out…

Welcome Home.

Now Let’s Go Change the World.


What kind of stories are our kids starring in?

If we want to feel meaning and purpose in life ourselves, we must show our children, how to live a good story.

We must propel ourselves into noble adventure…

enduring conflict for a cause greater than ourselves,

for the betterment of family, friends, and even strangers around us.

Thus giving them some inspiration to live a better story, themselves.

Did You Grow Up Wanting to Change the World…

Only to have the world change you?

What would you give to rekindle
that sense of hope, adventure, and possibility
that the stories of your childhood engendered in you?

It’s a great calling to speak a better story into the world.
And I don’t mean writing one.
I mean living one.
If you could choose your own adventure,
Or better yet, have your adventure choose you,
Would you answer the call?

We Live In a World Where a Million Bad Stories are Being Told.

But how brightly does a better story shine?

Like a shining city on a hill?

How many of our kids are being told by society

that they aren’t allowed to write their best possible story?

Welcome to
Brave Young Heroes.

Where Underdog Kids Live Bold Adventures.

And Story Becomes Real Life.

Let’s Go Change the World.