Hogan Hilling is the founder of the DADLY Rally,the author of eight parenting books, and an amazing fatherhood expert.

Hogan has appeared on Oprah.

Hilling has co-founded and helped establish several fatherhood networks in the USA since 1992.

Hilling is also the creator of:

The DADLY book series,
Dads Behaving Dadly: 67 Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood,
Dads Behaving Dadly: 72 More Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood, and
The DADLY Way: 10 Steps to More Active Fatherhood and Equal Parenting,

With more Dadly books to follow. Hilling lives in southern California.

Listen as Bolaji Oyejide (Bolaji O) gets Hogan to delve into his stunning life story.

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