Stacy Curtis –

Stacy Curtis wants to live in a world where everyone feels free to share their stories. She is the creator of and host of her own podcast.

Her show is all about life storytelling and introduces fascinating people while capturing their life story.

“I teach people who are not writers how to share their stories” – Stacy Berg Curtis.

She says that life storytelling can benefit the writer’s immune system, as well as lower stress levels.

Stacy wants her children to learn how to “fail well”

“I want them to learn those lessons. It’s okay, failure is just another ‘It doesn’t work. Change it up.”

“I help (my kids) to understand that you’ve got to put forth the effort. If you don’t, then you don’t get the prize.”

Going through a difficult divorce, she used birthday money from her mother to enroll in a memoir class, as friends were always telling her to write about her stories.

“I love (the class), and I discovered my life theme, which was not raising my hand”

“When I took the memoir course, I was able to see what my past life theme was and was able to change it”

She believes everybody has a fascinating story to tell, regardless of how dull the person may think his/her life is.

Chief Storyteller. Keynote Speaker. Bestselling Author of 50 Kid Superhero Books. Lifelong fan of Disney, Marvel, & Pixar. Trains Kids to be Heroic, through the HERO ACADEMY. ** Find your powers. Change the world. **