When Riley Joy Gantt was ten years old when her class visited a school located in a low-income neighborhood. A young girl there told Riley how she wished she could get “skinny crayons” but her mom couldn’t afford them.

Heartbroken, Riley was determined to do something.  She asked for help, in turning this sad ending into a happy beginning.

Rainbow Pack offers a happy beginning to a child’s school years, even for those kids who don’t have the means to have fancy crayons and nice new backpacks.

Rainbow Pack’s motto is: “Supplying Equal Education for All.”  The nonprofit has given away over 10,000 school backpacks filled with basic school supplies, to Los Angeles-area elementary school students in need, since 2011.

She and her team solicit donations and purchase wholesale school supplies using grant funding from local and national organizations. Riley has also garnered the support of a Los Angeles City Councilmember as well as the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Board. She is working with both groups to address the district’s overwhelming need for school supplies.

Riley saw a need, and decided to be a Brave Young Hero.

She’s one of 50 kids changing the world, right now.

Share Riley’s story with your child.

Where have they seen a kid in need?

How do they think they can help?



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