I love this story.

Nine-year-old Will Lourcey of Fort Worth created FROG, Friends Reaching Our Goals, a service group with the goal of helping the hungry by raising funds and awareness for the   Tarrant Area Food Bank. Now, after donating around 40,000 meals, 6,000 backpacks of food and 3,000 cans of food, Will has been named a 2012  Build-A-Bear Workshop Huggable Hero — one of just 15 in the United States and Canada.

Apparently, Will Lourcey saw a man on the street one night, with a sign that read “Need a meal.”  Will was on the way home from his baseball game.

Little Will realized for the first time, at a young 7-years of age, that there are many people less fortunate than him.

Here’s the amazing part, though.

He felt that he could do something about this problem.

Will decided to try to fight hunger in Fort Worth, by raising awareness to other people about the problem of hunger. So Will started volunteering and raising money in his community, creating the organization FROGs, or Friends Reaching Our Goals. Will has inspired many in his community to join his efforts. Today, FROGs has provided over 175,000 meals for the hungry through the Tarrant Area Food Bank, helped pack 50,000 backpacks with food for hungry children through Backpacks for Kids program, and helped serve over 10,000 families through the Mobile Food Pantry. His hope is that his story will encourage other kids to “be doers, not watchers.”

Be a Doer.
Not a Watcher.

Be like Will.  Find your power.  And change the world.

Discuss Will’s story with your kids, parents.

What cause is your child inspired to help tackle?

And how can you empower them to start being a doer, not a watcher?


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