Zhang Xiu Ying is: JADE DRAGON!

Zhang Xiu Ying is a 15-year old Chinese schoolgirl.  She lives with her grandmother.  Her parents aren’t in the picture…and the one sibling she had, disappeared when she was a baby.  Zhang Xiu Ying tries to stay out f trouble… but somehow ends up following the crowd.   What will happen when she gains incredible powers?


Book 2: The Lost Dragon.

Xiu Ying has been captured by the Professor Wu’s forces.
And time is running out, as Professor Wu’s forces race to secure the Dragon’s Pearl, and make the Professor DRAGON KING.

Xiu Ying is about to embark on a dangerous journey.
One full of conflict, betrayal, intrigue, and disappointment.

The future of China, lies on the slender shoulders of the Jade Dragon.




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