Zhang Xiu Ying is: JADE DRAGON!

Zhang Xiu Ying is a 15-year old Chinese schoolgirl.  She lives with her grandmother.  Her parents aren’t in the picture…and the one sibling she had, disappeared when she was a baby.  Zhang Xiu Ying tries to stay out of trouble… but somehow ends up following the crowd.   What will happen when she gains incredible powers?


Book 3: The Age of the Dark Dragon.

Shanghai has fallen.

Blackouts. Riots. Kidnappings.

Professor Wu has the Pearl. Already, his evil plans have put the city in turmoil.

China’s last hope, lays in the hands of a teenage girl, and her conflicted brother.

But as the Dark Dragon confronts them in a final showdown, with the Water and Wood Dragons at his side Wind, Fire, and the Shadow Warriors may not be enough to stop the Age of the Dark Dragon.




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