1: The Valley of Shadows.


Malandria is a teenage Martian female.  In Martian society, there are seven castes, each one higher than the next.  Your caste determines your job, your friends, where you live, and who you marry.  Malandria is an albino.  That means she is seen as lower than the lowest caste.  Combine that with not having any parents, and you can see why she struggles with low self-esteem. But that’s only the beginning of her story…


Book 1: Malandria & the Valley of Shadows.

An Earth probe gets uncomfortably close to discovering an advanced subterranean Martian civilization. Forcing Martians to decide whether to flee, or fight.

But when a loner Martian teen stumbles on a plot to pre-emptively attack planet Earth,
will she stay alive long enough to stop planetary war?
Or will she be framed by bloodthirsty warmongers?




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