2: The Serpent Necklace.

Shaimaa Ramalia is: SANSTORM!

Shaimaa is a strong-willed teen orphan, raised by a nomadic tribe in the deserts outside of Cairo, Egypt.  She also happens to be asthmatic.  But don’t tell her she can’t keep up with any boy… or man… in there.  Shaimaa backs down from nothing, and from no one.


Book 2: Sandstorm & the Serpent Necklace.

Shaimaa and Sayed are on a quest to find the 6 pieces of the Serpent Necklace.

But Sayed is acting suspicious.

And a mysterious figure trails them in the desert nights.

Can Shaimaa get past cryptic hieroglyph puzzles and deadly ancient guardians? All while holding her asthma attacks at bay?

Or will her mission be cut short by booby traps and betrayals?




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