3: The Ancient Pharaoh.

Shaimaa Ramalia is: SANSTORM!

Jeremiah can’t stand school.  He gets Ds and Fs in almost every class. Cs, if he’s lucky.  At 15-years old, Jay is a dyslexic orphan from the ghost gardens of Detroit.  He also happens to be a mechanical genius.


Book 3: Sanstorm & the Eye of Horus.

A dark shadow has taken Shaimaa’s adopted father.

Now it’s a race against time to retrieve the last piece of the Qatal, hidden in a place sure to spell doom for Shaimaa and Sayeed.

Will Sandstorm be able to protect the freedoms of Egypt’s people?

Or will Sharr, wielding the Book of the Dead, succeed in reviving the evil Pharaoh?




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