Kelby Harston Carr, CEO, Type-A Conferences.

He’s so good!

Dayna Abraham, Founder,

“After being ignited by, Bolaji’s keynote,
I immediately rewrote my about page,
interviewed my audience, and
wrote a post that was completely in my voice.

Not only did the post resonate with my audience,
it went viral around the world —
over 100,000 views in the first 24 hours.

Bolaji has something magical inside him that,
ignites a fire in others pushes them to dream big.”

Nicole Morgan, Social Good Fellow, United Nations Foundation

He has nothing less than an A game… and a heart of gold.

Karen Marie Patten, Conference Attendee.

Bolaji Oyejide is killing this keynote!
Now I have to go and wipe my tears…
He knocked this out of the park.

Anne Parris, Conference Organizer. CEO, MidlifeBoulevard.

Bolaji was an electrifying speaker. He elevated a good panel
into something high-energy and completely engaging.
If you run a conference or hire speakers,
you should get to know him.

Amy Lupol Bair, Resourceful Mommy Media, LLC.

He’s rocking the heck out of this presentation!

Kami, The Momma Diaries.

Your presentation was incredibly inspirational!
I cannot wait to give your capes to my superhero sons!

Bryan Fiveash, DIY Daddy.

Amazing and inspirational presentation from Bolaji!
He’s making a difference!

Shaunna Evans, Fantastic Fun & Learning

You have such an important message. Thanks for sharing with us!