Some of My Most Requested Presentations Include:

  1. The Hero’s Journey:

    We use contemporary movies like Inside Out, The Jungle Book,
    The Lego Movie, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Moana, The Incredibles,
    & The Good Dinosaur, to teach kids important character lessons.
  1. Kids Who Grew Up to Change the World:

    We examine the childhoods of some of the kids’ favorite icons…
    to de-code how they grew up to change the world. 
    Icons examined include Stan Lee, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs,
    Oprah Winfrey, Simone Biles, Venus & Serena Williams,
    as well as inventors of kid favorites like
    the NERF ball, Twister, the Super Soaker,
    and more.
  2. Hero, Or Villain?

    We examine the origin stories of famous super heroes like
    Spider Man and Batman, to determine why
    super powers aren’t enough to make a hero.
  3. How to Change the World This Year.

    We examine several kids around the world, who are
    changing the world RIGHT NOW!
    And create a plan for your kids to start doing the same.
  4. Kid Author Workshop:

    We go through a fun and engaging writing exercise,
    to help kids outline and write their first book!